Medical Education in English

Our Department provides a wide range of education for students in medicine and health sciences.


Regarding the number of students, University of Debrecen is the largest university in Hungary with 15 multidisciplinary Faculties (from law to agricultural, from economy to philosophy).

According to the regulations in 2000, previously independent universities were merged in 2000.

The most traditional faculty was the theology, established in 1538. The medical Faculty was established in 1912, later on become Medical University. Recently the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacology, Public Health and Health are providing education in this field.

University of Debrecen is the only among Hungarian Medical Schools, where Faculty of Public Health has been established. Since then, it became a unique, internationally recognized competitive training centre, with doctoral (PhD) programme in all fields of public health, including primary care and occupational medicine. All departments of the Faculty were involved in international collaborations and in EU-FP7 founded projects and most recently in Horizon2020 project.

Department of Family Medicine was established in 1995, founded and chaired by Prof. István Ilyés who was replaced as a chairman by Prof. Imre Rurik in 2008.

The faculty has 4 staff members with PhD, one with DSc degree and 4 PhD candidates are working here, one of them in full time.

Research Activities

The main research topics of the Department have been: the cardiovascular diseases, childhood and adult obesity, endocrinology, aging male, health services research, occupational-related diseases, pediatric endocrinology and pulmonology. The department took part in EU funded projects, previously in FP6(RIGHT), later in FP7 (APRES, QUALICOPC, PHAMEU, SWEET), most recently in Horizon2020 projects (Feel4Diabetes, EUR-HUMAN). The department has the largest GP tutorial and research network in Hungary,

Staff members for Education

Professor Dr. Imre RURIK  (PhD, DSc and MSc in health services management) is a chairperson of Department of Family and Occupational Medicine, since 2008, and is an active family physician as well. His main research targets are nutrition and related diseases; obesity, diabetes, participated in many EU-FP7 founded projects (APRES, SWEET) in these fields. He participated also in other international projects related to health services management (PHAMEU, QUALICOPC). He is an advisor for European General Practice Research Network and for European Forum for Primary Care, and has been an executive committee member of Primary Care Diabetes Europe, since 2003. He plays a leading role in many Hungarian Scientific societies as well. He is a President of the Hungarian Society of Nutrition (since 2015) and the Hungarian Research Association of Family Physicians- CSAKOSZ (since 2014), and is a Vice-President of the Hungarian Society for the Study of Obesity (since 2012). He is an author of more than 180 publications and book-chapters and one monograph on men’s health. Many of the English language papers are seen at PubMed.

Emeritus professor Dr. István ILYÉS (PhD, MSc in health sciences) is also involved in the education and research.

Deputy Chairman of the Department is Dr. Zoltán JANCSÓ (PhD, BSc in medical law) is a practicising family physician near to Debrecen, in Derecsske.

Among the assistant professors, Dr. Anna NÁNÁSI is responsible for postgraduate education, while Tímea UNGVÁRI (MSc in epidemiology, BSc in pschology) is an educational officer responsible for undergraduate education.

Associate prof. Dr. László Róbert KOLOZSVÁRI (PhD, MBA) is working part time in primary care service in Luton (UK) as well.

Dr. Hajnalka TAMÁS and Dr. Judit SZIDOR are responsible for the occupational health services of the University.

Csilla SEMANOVA (MSc in Public Health, BSc in medical imaging) is a full-time PhD student and is working for scientific projects.

Other external lecturers involved in undergraduate education:

Dr. Eszter KOVÁCS and Dr. Árpád CZIFRA jr. (PhD)

The lecturers are helped by other staff members:  Judit RUSZNYÁKNÉ (secretary), by Mária DOBI (education) and by Victória GERŐCZI (finances).

All of the contact details are seen in the Hungarian part of the website.

Medical services for foreign students

Medical services for foreign students are available at Egyetem tér 1. on the basement of the Kossuth Lajos college from Monday to Friday-   9-12 h and  13-15 h.


Undergraduate education is provided for Hungarian and International students in the 5th academic year of the Medical Faculty.
Themes of theses for students could be negotiated with the lecturers in the field of primary care (family medicine, occupational health) and Public health.

The presentations at the seminars could be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

Postgraduate educations are offered in the governmental financed residency programs in Family Medicine and Occupational Medicine.

Students from Saudi Arabia can take part in the postgraduate (fellowship) program in Family medicine, according to the regulations of their country.

CME programs are offered in both field, in Hungarian language for almost 2000 practicising physicians in the neighboring regions and counties.

Doctoral (PhD) programs are offered in The Doctoral School of Health Sciences.

Updated: 2017.11.27.

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