Educational Office

Educational administration of the English Programme:

1. Faculty of Public Health - Educational Office (School of Public Health)

University of Debrecen
26/B Kassai Street


Postal address: H-4012 Debrecen, POB. 2, Hungary

2. University of Debrecen - Coordinating Center for International Education (Main Campus)

Address: H-4032 Debrecen, Nagyerdei krt. 98, Hungary


Telephone:+36 52 258-058

Fax: +36 52 414 013

Anett Galvácsi

Address: H-4032 Debrecen, Nagyerdei krt. 98, Hungary


Telephone:+36 52 258-053

Fax: +36 52 414 013

Educational administrator BSc Public Health, MSc Public Health, MSc Complex rehabilitation

Zsuzsa Péter
Phone: +36 52 512 765/ extension 77417

Educational administrator BSc Physiotherapy

Róbert Bata

Phone: +36 52 512 765/ extension 77420


Academic advisor MSc in Public Health:

Balázs Ádám associate professor
Phone: +36 52 512 765/ extension 77157

Programme coordinator of BSc Physiotherapy

Julianna Cseri college full professor

Phone: +36 52 512 765/ extension 77140


Bulletin BSc in Public Health 2017/2018

Bulletin BSc in Physiotherapy 2017/2018

Bulletin MSc in Public Health 2017/2018

Bulletin Public Health 2016/2017

Bulletin Public Health 2015/2016

Bulletin Public Health 2014/2015

Bulletin Public Health 2013/2014

Bulletin BSc Physiotherapy 2016/2017

Bulletin BSc Physiotherapy 2015/2016

Bulletin BSc Physiotherapy 2014/2015

Bulletin BSc Physiotherapy 2013/2014

Bulletin BSc Physiotherapy 2012/2013

Change in the Method of Tuition Fee Payment

From February 26, 2015 on the following fees have to be paid via the Neptun system: Student Status Certificate, Transcript, and the charge of the repeater exam. Guidelines to the Neptun-payment of fees.

The account number in the Guidelines is no longer valid!!! for the current account number visit the following website:


Request to the Educational Commitee

Request subject exemption

Request to the Dean

Request for an exam in the extension week


Thesis topic choice

Thesis requirements

Change in thesis topic

Application form for final exam

Titles of theses 2017/2018

Timetables 2017/18 academic year

MSc in Public Health 1st year

BSc in Public Health 1st-4th year

BSc in Physiotherapy 1st year

BSc in Physiotherapy 2nd year

BSc in Physiotherapy 3rd year

BSc in Physiotherapy 4th year

University Calendar 2017/2018 academic year

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Educational Commitee meetings in the 1st semester  of the 2017/18. academic year:

19. September. 2017. 2 pm
17. October, 2017. 2 pm
14. November,, 2017. 2 pm

The deadline of arrival of the requests to the Educational Office Faculty of Public Health is always 12.00 on the last Friday  before the meeting (15. September, 13. October, 10. November).