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Head: Karolina Kósa, full professor

The Department of Behavioural Sciences was established in 1997. Its main task has been to teach and research disciplines providing together "the third face of medical wisdom".

In this framework the main disciplines are medical psychology and communication, behavioural medicine, bioethics, medical anthropology, medical sociology.

The scientific and educational scope of the Department recently expanded with health and clinical psychology.
The staff takes a major role in the educational task of the Medical and Health Science Centre, since our subjects are part of the curricula of every Faculty.

Our important mission is to contribute with a multidisciplinary approach of the behavioural sciences to a holistic direction of the research and study of health-disease issues in general and of doctor-patient relationship in particular.


University of Debrecen, Faculty of Public Health
Institute of Behavioural Sciences
H-4032 Debrecen, Móricz Zsigmond krt. 22. III. Apartman Diákszálló

Postal address

H-4032 Debrecen, 98. Nagyerdei boulevard, POB. 45.
Phone: +36/52/451-486
Fax: +36/52/451-487


  • From the railway station: by bus No. 10 ("Tüdőgyógyászat" stop-point)
  • From the centre of the town: by bus  No. 10 ("Tüdőgyógyászat" stop-point)

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